Iranian opposition site: Iran is going to sacrifice Hezbollah

Hezbollah leaders feel in "grave danger" because their massive funding from Tehran has been drastically reduced

Recently, Hezbollah has had to reduce its expenditures significantly. Shiite militias in Lebanon have grown accustomed to receiving more than $700 million a year, about 70% of their revenue, from Khomeini's regime. But now, Tehran's ability to finance the group is significantly reduced as a direct result of the sanctions Trump has imposed on the Islamic regime in Iran.

For over three decades, Hizballah leaders managed to get huge sums of money from Tehran, using these funds, which belong to the Iranian people for benefits to Hezbollah fighters, funding social services for their "electoral base" in Lebanon and setting up huge military facilities in Syria and Iraq for their forces.

In addition, Hezbollah was forced to cancel several programs on its television station, Al-Manar, and lay off employees there. It also had to cut back on free medication and other benefits for their fighters and their employees and their families. Senior officials in the party, who refused to identify themselves, acknowledged that the drastic reduction in Iranian revenues forced Hezbollah to cut its expenses accordingly.

The number of fighters in Hezbollah's service has been reduced, and many have been transferred to reserve forces, all in order to adjust the expenses to the new situation. Officials and fighters who continue their work are also concerned, because they're losing other benefits such as free meals, fuel and transportation.

Senior Lebanese sources confirm that the Hizbullah leadership has felt in "grave danger" in recent months. After it became clear to them that the party would have to sacrifice of itself in the next stages of the "game" between the powers, which caused panic among party leaders who believed that the regime in Tehran would sacrifice them by thrwoing them into battle or using them as pawns in the negotiations with the United States.

The same sources added that Interior Minister Muhammad Fanish and intelligence chief Faiq Safa, who are considered the most senior and corrupt figures in Hezbollah, are working energetically to keep Hezbollah out of any war and are pushing for political integration in Lebanon with Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri.


source: Rotter Member NZIV

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